RAD Bowl

Free range chicken, organic brown basmati rice, green coconut curry, fresh greens, coriander

Aloha Bowl

Curried chickpeas, organic quinoa, 

greens and seeds

Surfers Supper

Organic brown basmati rice & black beans w/ tomatillo salsa, corn chips, feta + avocado


Sesame ginger tofu, organic quinoa, indian spiced french lentils, sprouts


Beef & vegetables simmered in rich aromatic spices served over organic brown basmati rice & garnished with sprouts + seeds


Sesame ginger tofu, organic brown basmati rice, green coconut curry, black beans, fresh zucchini julienne

Lunch Boxes are $15 per person

We use biodegradable containers for our Lunch Boxes. Please let us know if you require us to provide napkins, chopsticks, and cutlery.

Min order $200. Delivery fee may apply.